TL85 Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint

35,000 lb restraining strength

Restraining technology centers around a non-impact "swing-up" arm design to confine a vehicles rear impact guard or ICC bar. Vehicles remain safely stationed at the dock without time consuming and uncertain chocking.

The Blue Giant TL85 Vehicle Restraint System services the widest range of trucks with rear impact guards to 29" (737mm) above ground and horizontal ranges to 12" (305mm) beyond the face of the dock. Problems with bent ICC bars, lock-up from hook and impact design restraints are eliminated.

Electro-hydraulic operation. Simplicity of design, heavy-duty construction materials and no regular adjustments or lubrication requirements put Blue Giant’s TL85 Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint in front of more North American loading docks.

TL85 Vehicle Restraint Highlights

  • Only 3 major moving parts - hydraulic lift cylinder and dual heavy-duty return springs.
  • In vertical (locked) position, the TL85 Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint offers one of the widest horizontal ranges of 0” to 12” (305 mm) beyond the face of the dock.
  • Services trucks with ICC bars from 12” to 29” (305 mm to 737 mm) above ground.
  • Restraint arm manufactured from 1.5” (38 mm) solid steel.
  • Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panels - NEMA4X.
  • Internal automatic pressure switch maintains the arm in the locked position while in operation. In the event of a power failure, the TL85 Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint arm can be lowered manually.
  • High performance power pack remotely mounts indoors where it is protected from the elements and easily accessible.
  • Outside LED traffic lights and dual driver warning signs with mirror image.
  • Effective trailer theft deterrent.
  • Communication system includes interior LED red, yellow and green indicator lights in the control station.
  • In the rare event of a truck without proper ICC bar, the ICC sensing system alerts dock attendant and driver of unsafe condition.


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