StrongArm SVR303 Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint

StrongArm™ SVR 303
35,000 lb restraining strength

Delivers advanced functionality and security to loading dock operations. The incredible low profile allows the rear impact guard to clear the restraint body during arrival to or departure from the loading dock causing no physical or costly damage to either the trailer or the restraint itself.

The patented Blue Giant StrongArm™ SVR303 is the best, most powerful rear impact guard restraint system, to safeguard against unscheduled departures, trailer creep and trailer walk, bar none. Low profile, non-impact and ANSI MH30.3 tested, passed and approved.  Built Strong. Holds Strong.  That's why we called it the StrongArm™.

The SVR303 offers the widest horizontal and vertical restraining range in its class applying 35,000lbs of restraining force behind and the restraints unique mechanical locking device. The system provides a 90 degree absolute locking position securing the trailer to the loading bay and there is no concern of trailer separation caused by trailer walk or drop, the result of rear impact guard bouncing or jolting from forklift activity.

Our Blue Genius™ Touch Control panel with advanced smart performance technology is the communication brain controlling the operation of the restraint and signaling to both the driver and dock attendants of safe/unsafe conditions.

StrongArm™ SVR303 Vehicle Restraint Highlights

  • Low profile restraint body - only 8” high from the ground that can service a multitude of trailer rear impact guard positions. For international trailers or special under-chassis configurations, consult factory for optional accessories.
  • Vertical restraining from 8” to 26” above grade with minimum 4” contact space required.
  • Horizontal restraining range up to 12” from the face of the dock.
  • Intelligent Positioning System to ensure positive location sensing; from 0 degrees to maximum full rotation to ensure accurate reading of the restraint StrongArm™ and locking mechanism.
  • Blue Genius™ Gold Series II, 24 volt panel, with touch control technology for engage or disengage and reset. NEMA4X (IP65) enclosure rating.
  • Advanced communication package includes LED interior red/yellow/green and exterior red/green traffic lights, signs and programmable audible alarm.
  • On board diagnostics and communications feature a user-friendly, multi-language LCD intelligent text display and keypad with supervisory override.


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