Heavy Duty Narrow Aisle Stacker

BGN Narrow Aisle Stacker / Optional BGNR Reach Stacker

When racking operations call for heavier loads and steady use, the BGN Series narrow aisle stacker is the ideal solution, designed to be operator friendly and can be used with minimal training.

The BGNR reach truck is available for applications where pallet widths vary in size and exceed the existing straddle width setting. The 24" heavy duty reach mechanism includes 2º forward and 6º back tilt forks.


  • BGN/BGNR-30 - 3,000 lb at 24" load center.
  • BGN-40 - 4,000 lb at 24" load center.


  • 63 inches.
  • 118 inches, 130 inches, 150 inches.
  • 160 inches, 172 inches.


  • Ergonomic design with butterfly toward/reverse travel controls.
  • Large safety reversing button propels truck away from operator and sounds horn if contact with operator is made.
  • Automatic "dead man" braking with power cut off switch when brake is applied.
  • Heavy duty motor, gear pump, check and relief valve.
  • Lifting and lowering functions feature manual lever controls for load feathering capabilities.


  • Smooth, step-less acceleration and controlled plug braking.
  • Programmable, high power, high efficiency for energy saving motor and battery operation allows battery efficiency and usage to increase by up to 50%.
  • Diagnostic test and fault information.
  • Totally sealed gear reducer / brake system with internal multi-disc brakes in oil bath that virtually eliminates conventional brake safety problems such as adjustments, drum and/or shoe replacement.
  • All gear and brake components protected from exposure to moisture and dirt, packaging, strapping etc.
  • All gears are precision ground helical gears and drive axle mounted on precision tapered roller bearings.


  • 24 volt
  • On/Off key switch
  • Fused drive and control circuits
  • Series wound high torque maintenance free drive motor, Class H insulation and heavy duty motor contactors with replaceable tips
  • Solid state programmable speed controller with solid state throttle mechanism
  • Emergency power disconnect button.FORKS/CHASSIS
  • Heavy duty nested I-beam design
  • Dual leaf style lifting chain with 5:1 safety factors
  • 42" long forged forks
  • ITA Class II hook type mounting carriage
  • 40" high load backrest
  • Adjustable straddles to 50" ID with guarded tips to protect wheels


  • Press-on 10” x 4” red poly, taper mounted hub design for easy servicing
  • Poly straddle wheels 4" x 3" with precision sealed ball bearings


  • Special application tires
  • Other fork sizes
  • Battery gauges
  • U.L EE rating

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