ASTA Model: 622 Heavy Duty Insulated Rolling Steel Service Door

ASTA Door Model 622 (22 gauge front / 24 gauge back) Insulated Rolling Steel Service Door is produced with the highest quality and durability in the industry. The Model 622 consists of 3”, 22 gauge flat slats with 24 gauge backer that encloses a 5/8” insulation strip between the two (2) sides.  The Model 622 has two (2) finish options White Topcoat or Prime Gray.  The Model 622 is available in sizes up to 24’ x 20’.  Standard features include enclosed hood with baffle, reduction gear chain hoist, 3 piece structural steel guides with weatherseal, and a double angle bottom bar with weatherseal.  The Model 622 is the perfect choice for industrial, commercial or climate controlled applications.


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