XPT-45 Electric Pallet Truck

Quality, durability and efficient pallet management for medium duty applications.


  • 4,500 lb.


  • Thumb throttle, lift, lower, horn and reversing switch are easily located on the ergonomically correct bottom mount handle.
  • On/Off key switch, power disconnect and hour meter/battery discharge indicator mounted on dash.
  • Braking activation at top and bottom of handle working range.
  • Automatic neutral braking on throttle release.
  • Low effort steering.


  • High performance vertically mounted Curtis SepEx™ separately excited motor provides maximum torque throughout entire travel speed.
  • Precision helical drive gears provide quiet operation and transfer power more efficiently from drive motor to axle.
  • No directional contactors therefore less maintenance. Single line contactor operates with an integrated power disconnect switch
  • Easy access cover exposes electrical and major mechanical components for inspection and maintenance.
  • Long life drum brake system mounted on motor armature shaft intensifying the braking power through the double reduction transmission.


  • Lifting rams are hard chromed plated for long life and mounted for even load lifting.
  • Pump unit, motor and solenoid actuated, pressure compensated lowering valve is easily accessible. FORKS/CHASSIS 48” long forks, 27” fork width O.D.


  • 24 volt system.
  • State-of-the-art programmable Curtis transistor controller motor provides smooth and seamless control.
  • Auto reset circuit breaker and fused control circuit designed to protect the electrical system.


  • Tapered roller bearings (drive wheel) operating in oil sealed case.
  • Greasable sealed (load wheels) ball bearings.
  • Two extra heavy-duty (transmission), tapered roller bearings.
  • Self-lubricating (fork linkage), heat treated roller bearings.


  • 48” high load backrest.
  • Battery pack with built-in charger.
  • Maintenance-free and industrial batteries.

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