E 30 Electric Pallet Truck

The 3,000lb capacity E30 electric pallet truck combines economy with productivity. A low-cost, high-performance alternative to hand pallet trucks, the E30 is built to accommodate the freight-handling needs of the busiest warehouses.

Electromagnetic disc brake connected to drive shaft. Adjustable neutral braking,
plugging, and regenerating braking are standard. “Dead-man” emergency brake with power cut-off.

Travel lift and lower functions are located in the ergonomic operator handle designed to allow operation with either hand. Wrap around hand guard,
reversing switch, dual “butterfly” thumb control, and horn are standard.

Durable long life low noise gearbox.

Removal of two piece power head cover exposes major components for inspection
and maintenance.

Curtis® Transistor Travel Controller
“Butterfly” Travel Thumb Control
Key switch and horn button
Combo Gauge—Hour Meter with
Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI)


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