Small Spaces

AirVolution-D 370

Ideal for ceiling heights as low as 12 feet, the AirVolution-D 370 is the perfect solution for cooling your smaller spaces. Sleek looks and custom color options add to its appeal, making it the most attractive device in your space.

Just a few of the benefits:

Direct-drive (no gearbox): Quiet, zero maintenance, lighter, leak-proof

50,000 Hour Warranty: Based on operation time, not purchase date

Efficient: Runs for pennies a day

AirBrain Processor (on-board electronics): Eliminates control panel, automatically adjusts to power source, generates real-time performance analytics

Digital Remote: Adjust fan speed and direction, upload firmware updates, troubleshoot issues, view hours of operation

IP65 Rating: Safely wash-down your fan or mount in outdoor environments (potential rain exposure)


Price: $0.00