Extra-Large Spaces

AirVolution-D 780

This top-of-the-line fan delivers massive airflow to cool your extra-large spaces. Thanks to our breakthrough in motor design, the 24-foot AirVolution D-780 fan moves 346,000 cubic feet of air per minute. You may expect this massive air displacement to be a noisy event, but our gearless design makes it whisper quiet.

Its AirBrain processor adapts to your building’s input voltage, generates and seamlessly resets fault codes, and integrates into building automation systems. If the 780 is struck by an object, shaken by an earthquake, or bombarded by high winds, the fan will detect the disruption and turn off.


Direct-drive (no gearbox): Quiet, zero maintenance, lighter, leak-proof

50,000 Hour Warranty: Based on operation time, not purchase date

Efficient: Runs for pennies a day

AirBrain Processor (on-board electronics): Eliminates control panel, automatically adjusts to power source, generates real-time performance analytics

Digital Remote: Adjust fan speed and direction, upload firmware updates, troubleshoot issues, view hours of operation

IP65 Rating: Safely wash-down your fan or mount in outdoor environments (potential rain exposure)

Price: $0.00