Goff G2 Harshguard Car Wash Doors

The G2 HarshGuard Car Wash Door requires little maintenance and has a break-a-way design with auto reset.

The G2 also has easily replaceable, exchangeable heat sealed panels available in solid vinyl, & clear PVC and is constructed with stainless steel and aluminum hardware! 

Other features include a 110 volt single phase water proof operator & a complete weather seal.

With a design that excludes wheels, cables, springs and sewing the G2 Door is  Simply. Intelligent.

Benefits of Goff's HarshGuard Car Wash Door Include:

  • Break-a-way design reduces down time and destruction after impact!
  • Improved Appearance
  • Reduce Water Loss
  • Reduce Temperature Loss
  • Help Control Traffic Flow
  • Little Maintenance Required



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